Thursday, June 29, 2023

Raw Sewerage Gweek 15 June 2023

1 Nov 2023 update:  thoughts on this  abandoned for now as no one followed up initial interest and i was only attempting to set up other younger residents to think along the lines of this solution to the smelly solutions in the rivers.

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if ....???? you are a miracle worker


Helford River Action

temp name

perhaps a few locations can be worked on for BEST new 'legal'  approach to protecting natural waters.

Anyone specifically spoken with about this - the hope is to pass on to a few who will take it forward, 

please email

there is a small possibility that there is some weird fault with the email, and  for the time being please ALSO email woodsmoke[atsign] post [dot com]

it  really is best of also a mobile phone number is supplied and a text can be sent advising of email sent in case i goes to spam (until spam filters are appeased which seem fierce these days)

There is a strategy email which explains more (what experts have said on strategy) 


NOT A BLOG. One stand alone page, under development.

blogspot is free and easy to use webpage. a custom url - i.e. .com or .org (minus 'blogspot') is only £10 - they're great. And get well rated by google.

Can also have many invited writers easily.

People could put up their own photos and stories of the baddies.


This an info page on what has been done to remedy river pollution  in some other regions. This really is a very simple straightforward solution. Though of course vested interests may fight back - that's life.... 



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29 June 2023




new organisation.


volunteer 'officers' to be listed soon.


Only manifesto objective to investigate feasibility of establishing Designated River Bathing areas around local rivers.

DRBAs are now a well known rapid solution in some regions to pollution, that trigger upon legal status granted,  FAR higher water testing standards and penalties for polluters. 

This is a fully tried and tested manner of bringing in the highest real legal protection against pollution.


walk up here - it still pongs.

After official promulgated sewerage spill.

Swan family just down from raw sewerage incident 

photo around 20 June.

A lovely place to stop and stare.

And put up a chair.

Or two.

If there isn't the smell

of poo.

this sign  appeared 15 June 

20 m down from the roadbridge at Gweek




Other photos of region soon.



It needs to get to hearts...

have feeling.


the whole river needs checking out for best potential DRBA spot (s).

There may be better strategic locations to attempt DRBA establishment

(ref private email out 30 June)




Full write up coming soon

These schemes - Designated Bathing areas (RIVERS) one on the River Wye just been approved, are a truly excellent minimum effort strategy.



sewerage warning boards abeam this location, photo'd below,  
15 June

Children sometimes like to jump in this gorgeous cooling  pool
especially in heatwaves.

(and upriver from here there is obvious sewerage smell still today 
29 June)

Full write up coming soon
These schemes - Designated Bathing areas (RIVERS) one on the River Wye just been approved, are a truly excellent minimum effort strategy.

The first initial administrator here has several hours discussion with Lucy Hurds of The Libdems  last autumn who lead the river Wye Scheme.
She assured it was a fairly easy process.
(there are recordings to transcribe, soon)

Cornwall likely needs dozens of these DRBAs

get one through - maybe on the Helford, other locations similarly affected  can copy, with ease.

(if we carry this  suggested Helford scheme forward all meetings should be recorded/ filmed, so other groups can copy our journey - we do no have to reinvent he wheel in each location Green groups try some local scheme - that wastes so so much time and ego-energy)

There are other web resources, for now a quick selection


30 June 2023

Today quite by coincidence I was passing the council chambers at a Cornwall Town Council and there were open questions.

This present author CANNOT in any way take part by name in local matters (no one to watch back). I asked a question in public (they required my name)  of the gathered folk  - officials, if anyone had heard of Designated bathing areas (on rivers - that's the key thing - rivers FLOW into seas...stopping pollution by dint of a DBA as the water quality THERE  - upstream of course, MUST meet far higher than 'normal' water quality rules, WITH FAR HIGHER PENALTIES than 'normal'  (i.e. without DBA) rivers or streams.

No one knew of hem.

No big deal.
Then Kevin came and sought me out. A regular.....truly wonderful man - glint in his eye.....and he filled me in on everything one needs to know about the local democratic structures (in his words, they talk the talk when not in chamber - good eggs, but only ever vote with the leader)

But he informed me "did you hear yesterday South West Water came out very bottom in a survey of all water authorities across the country?"

Nationally reported he said. I have yet to find links.

And according to him all councillors and officials of the region are very aware of the truly shocking state of rivers and environment in general across the whole county. It IS a priority...but no one is DOing much about it. And of course bad PR to the essential tourist economy.

(also that despite losing many seats mid 00s behind the scenes Libdems are very active and have behind the scenes power in accordance with their previous large presence - Libdems have spearheaded these schemes elsewhere in he country)

THERE ARE VOTES - many, in this issue. It should be easy - "a walk in the [Gweek] park.." to get real support from he bigwigs.

Meaning find the right politicians, they will help. 'single issue politics' can be very successful if launched at the right time. This is exactly that time with a critical election within the next 12 mths (especially if you are Libdem).

Politics is just theatre for ugly people they say. Don' take it 'personally' (politicians don't!) 
Just DO it.
Or it will NEVER done.

Joining together in new schemes can be a great way to make real friends - fellowship and solidarity around an OBVIOUS good that every poll in he UK this year  says most people are ASHAMED our rivers are in such a  state.